How to Connect

You can connect to ChatMUD using any MUD client with the following details.

  • Host:
  • Port: 7777
  • Secure Port: 7443 (TLS)
  • Alternative Hostnames:,

A few popular client options are listed below.

Chatpack (Windows) – a MushClient soundpack that is compatible with major Windows screen readers: JAWS, NVDA, or SAPI.

Mudlet (Mac, Windows, Linux) – open source cross-platform client that has support for ChatMUD sounds.

MUDRammer (iOS) – MUD client for iPhone and iPad.

Grapevine Web Client (Cross-platform, browser-based) – Browser-based web client that let’s you connect from anywhere.

TinyFugue (UNIX) – command line screen-oriented MUD client.

Telnet (Windows, Linux) – basic, built-in program for command line users. Click here to connect via telnet or enter telnet:// in a browser.